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Fanart, art art, OC's and a story to go with them, (emo) poems, a craft project or two... lotsa stuff in here wooo


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I have no idea exactly how many beautiful artworks are in here, but there are a million zillion at very least. I am a +fav warrior. I love faving so much that I do not have time to leave comments every time. If I did not leave a comment when I faved your art, I meant to say

Wow, I really like this! Great job!


Forgot Something by Tavoriel
Forgot Something


The Winter Soldier approves of being called ‘sir.’  He likes the confusion and guilt in the man’s voice, like maybe a ‘sir’ was not appropriate but a ‘hey’ would have been far too dangerous to even think of.  He likes how the man doesn’t touch him with his hand, doesn’t even tap him with the goggles, refrains from contact completely, sends only an uncertain voice across the distance between them and considers even that an act of bravery.

The soldier freezes.  Not out of fear.  His fear belongs to the ones whose words have weight.  The ones who are prepared to touch him, strike him, do with their hands whatever they want.  Fear is reserved for the ones who these meaningless subordinates and handlers fear so much that fear is the only thing keeping them in the same van as a breathing weapon with a face.  No, Hydra’s asset has no fear of these scrabbling agents behind him, not beyond their ties to the ones they speak for.  He’s bigger than them.  Sometimes he performs for them the behaviors he would show those he truly fears, but he isn’t in the mood for that tonight.  He pauses as a hunter pauses, having heard a sound of importance.  He isn’t allowed to hurt them, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know that he could.

“You need to wear your goggles,” the man presses on.  “You forgot them.”  The tremor in his voice is a reward, grudgingly coaxed.  So is the silence from the others.

The powers that be have taken everything from their Winter Soldier.  He does not know of a name that belongs to him, and can’t remember ever having had one.  The only past he knows is pain, confinement, punishment, missions completed and missions failed.  He is not valued for teamwork and leadership; they keep him because he will follow orders.  What he does, what he thinks, what he is, has only ever been worked and shaped to further that end.

In other words, keeping track of equipment was never his responsibility. 

“You forgot them.”  He’s forgotten a lot of things, and there will be a time when even this incident is lost to him, but those goggles got to the floor of the van because he discretely took them off and put them there deliberately when he thought no one was looking, completely removing them from his sphere of influence the instant they left his hand (as per rules his superiors made, a universe his superiors created, a hierarchy his superiors wanted).  The goggles stayed there because, whether anyone saw or not, nobody with rightful ownership of the situation took action until now.

Hunter’s eyes, icy and curious, look back at the man holding the googles in question.  The Winter Soldier turns back around and hops lightly out of the van, almost as if to proceed with the mission anyway, fuck the goggles and fuck them.  But no, that would challenge the ones he is actually afraid of.  In one fluid motion, his feet touch the ground and he turns around, casually, with legalistic innocence, holding out an open metal palm that they’ve all seen pull doors off of cars, rip barbed wire off the tops of fences; grab necks. 

Even with the limited feeling in his left hand, the asset can easily tell by sight alone that the agent’s hand deliberately avoids touching the metal fingers as he hands over the goggles.  As it should.  He was watching for that reaction, is not disappointed.

He turns back around and advances with brisk, jaunty menace into the black canvas waiting for him, fastening their precious goggles back over his eyes as the quiet night swallows him like poison.  He is an orders-following creature.  Sometimes he’ll indulge his handlers, attempt to read their minds like they try and make him think he has to, follow unwritten almost-rules and insubstantial expectations.  Tonight he’s in a fighting mood.  If they want him to stand placidly still where they can see him and put his equipment back on under their watchful eye, he’ll comply without a hitch…they’re just going to have to lay that out explicitly.

They don’t.

“Someone’s grouchy,” one of the handlers says quietly, to relieve some of the tension, once their weapon has had a chance to walk a ways.

“Someone’s asking for a trip back to the freezer,” another handler grumbles. 

They think the soldier can’t hear them.  They see him continue to walk, black on black against the night.  They don’t see the way he tenses at his core when they say the word ‘freezer.’  They don’t see the way his breath catches and speeds up.  Eventually, he’s out of sight completely, and they don’t see him stop and squat to the ground in a huddle for a moment, to collect himself, and breathe.  Just breathe.

first day of school graduate school electrical engineering aahhh



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Another shy, quiet girl who draws fan art and wolves :D

I'm a Christian. I'm a senior in college, and I want to be a physicist or somehow involved in research. I'm asexual. I'm into fandom culture. Proud Hufflepuff. I'm socially awkward, and the internet and the derpy art I put there is a huge part of my life, so thank you forever for noticing!!!

deviantART: Tavoriel (obviously)
YouTube: Tav0riel
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Twitter: Tavoriel (name: "Hi I Draw Stuff")
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Any and all other Tavoriels probably aren't me.

You can use my art! Put it on your blog, in your music video, in your wallpaper, etc., just don't say or imply that you (or someone other than me) made it. For full details,…

Want to commission me? :D…

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STEP 1: It's opposite day!
STEP 2: You lost the game.


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LevixWendy Pixis (OC) - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attuck on Titan…

As the only female in the Pixis bloodline, Wendy grew up coddled by the guys. Against her family's wishes, she becomes a recon soldier under Levi's command, but his inability to look past her upbringing keeps her from getting the respect she craves. But Wendy Pixis has inherited more than just her grandfather's eyes, and she's not about to let her Captain talk her down.

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HI TRAVORIEL!!!!! You r so awesome at these comics (i love the attack on titan ones!!!)
I wanted to know if you could try and do some Bertholdt and Reiner ones!
Just a thought!!!!
Keep Being awesome!!!!!!hug 
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Hey Tavoriel! Thinking of redoing that commission cuz I'm looking back and saying "I could do so much better", so any specific things you'd want to be added?
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You're attack on titan comics are just too funny! xD I must watch!
Idea : Levi playing Slender, and when he loses Eren disguised as Slenderman comes to scare him, but Levi beats him up.
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